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FIAPF's members are 34 producer organizations from 27 countries, FIAPF is the only organization of film and television producers with a global reach. FIAPF's mandate is to represent the economic, legal and regulatory interests which film and TV production industries in five continents have in common.

As an advocate for producers, FIAPF helps formulate policies and coordinate political action in these key areas:

  • Copyright and related intellectual property rights' legislation
  • Enforcement of IPR legislation and anti-piracy action
  • Deployment of digital technologies and their impact on the audiovisual value chain
  • Technology standardization process
  • Media regulation
  • Private and public sector film financing mechanisms
  • Trade-related issues

FIAPF is also a regulator of international film festivals, including some of the world's most significant ones. FIAPF' International Film Festivals' Regulations are a trust contract between the film business and the festivals who depend on their cooperation for their prestige and economic impact.

FIAPF's governance is provided by its General Assembly, which sits twice-yearly, in May and February. General Assembly members are elected from the membership. The General Assembly also appoints the FIAPF Executive Committee, which meets as often as strategic and policy planning needs may require. (Click here for more information about FIAPF's governance).

The President is elected by the General Assembly.

FIAPF's website has been designed primarily as a practical resource for our members and the production businesses they represent. The site is also accessible to non-members who wish to get better acquainted with FIAPF's coverage of international issues affecting production.


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